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Our specialty is original design audio amplifier kits for the Do It Yourself Community. In case you were wondering, our designs are vacuum tube based, therefore "hollow state", as opposed to solid state. Perhaps you remember vacuum tubes: they glow in the dark and get hot. To this day, no one has yet to develop an active device that is better suited to analog amplification. This is a discovery that increasing numbers of people who appreciate really good sound are making every day.

Good sound need not cost a fortune.

Ordering Information

At present, we are accepting payment through Paypal. This should be upgraded to credit cards in the future. For pricing and payments, contact us at the e-mail address (sales) given below describing the products you are interested in and we'll be glad to help you.

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About Our Name

Why Dolphin Hollow State Labs? What we are about is good sound. There is no critter who depends on excellent hearing more than the dolphin.

Enjoy your stay, and thanks for dropping by.

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